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Nov. 26th, 2007

Supper Club Recipes - Colonial Williamsburg

Ok, I figure if I do one or two a day.. they will eventually all end up here, right?
If I can also figure out how to do links, I'd hide them behind those, but until I figure that out....

We'll start easy...

ohhh, maybe I figured it out??  hmm, maybe not.  maybe?
I'll add them to this as I get time... 

Note: we have lots of comments on this one.. more on that later.

more to come...

Nov. 7th, 2007

Supper Club

So, of course we're behind, and not sure who reads this... but...  here's some vague info...

The next Supper club is at Mak & Indy's place...
November 17th
6:00 pm

The theme of sorts will be from Colonial Williamsburg, and the pub foods..
Indy wants to do the BBQ(?) ribs, I want to do the corn chowder, and there's a bunch more we haven't figured out yet.

We can really only have 8 people, so 6 more other than us.
J & G get priority since they hosted last...
then after that... it's whoever is interested, with priority to folks that haven't gone to one yet.

Hope I got this all right!!

Oct. 15th, 2007

wo hoo .. this is new to me

I'm doing this so i can get to the soon-to-be-supper-club-stuff.  

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